MetaGold Branding Guidelines and Trademark Usage

From June 2022, we’re updating the MetaGold logo. We’ve redrawn the “M” icon to make it simpler and more balanced in the surrounding circle.

This update is designed to refresh our look and feel so that it supports MetaGold's positioning as the most innovative and trusted metaverse platform for all developers and creators.

All of the creative assets that are available to download on this page have been updated, so if you’re using our logo, please ensure that you use the updated version moving forward.

Looking to implement the MetaGold logo in your project or marketing materials? You can access approved MetaGold logos here. The preferred logo is shown below.


While all licensees can enter into the MetaGold Verse trademark license ([email protected]), please note that we withhold the right to refuse permission to use our trademarks on a case-by-case basis for projects that are inconsistent with MetaGold's brand image (e.g., pornography, extreme violence, etc.). Please check with us if you are unsure if your project fits these requirements.

For any questions contact us at [email protected] We’ll respond to you as quickly as possible, however, please allow up to two weeks for us to handle your request. You must receive actual approval from MetaGold Team to proceed with alterations or custom treatments to the MetaGold logo.

If you wish to customize the MetaGold logo to fit your own branding needs, please submit materials to be approved in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format to [email protected] We can also accept videos in WMV and MOV formats. Thank you for building with MetaGold technology!


Silicon Valley, California, USA

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